Lady Footballer and MYS Volunteer, Vanessa Touset

We knew that Vanessa was passionate about the beautiful game: "Futbol. Soccer. Football. However you want to call it, it is in my veins. It is a part of who I am, who I was." But did YOU know she was a Puerto Rican National Team player?

Who is she? 

Vanessa is a counselor and therapist, recently earning M.A., Counseling, Saint Mary's 2015. 

Although a torn ACL keeps her from playing soccer, she stays physically active. While she discovers new sports and activities, soccer will always remain a part of her. 

What's her position on the pitch? 

Vanessa was a forward initially then transitioned to attacking midfielder.  Right before college, she started developing into an outside defender and was recruited for both positions by different Division 1 universities.  

When did it all begin? 

At the age of three, Vanessa's mom tried to get her into swimming. When she saw the boys playing soccer inside the Dale City recreation center, she told her mom,  “I want to do that.” So, she did– for the next 35 years!

What teams did she play for? 

University of Minnesota 1995-1999

North Bay Wave 2010-2011

Puerto Rican National Team 2010-2011

Who's her favorite player? 

Growing up, Dania's favorite player was USWNT member Carla Overbeck. 

What are her greatest moments as a player?

Vanessa says there are two contenders for her greatest moment as a player: "Winning the Big Ten or Coming back to soccer after a severe injury at the age of 34 to play internationally for my father’s country of Puerto Rico and ending my career playing against the Mexican Women’s National team in Mexico."



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