Lady Goalie and My Yute Soccer Volunteer, Julie DeJarlais

Of course we have a lady goalie to feature for this year's International Women's Day 2017. Julie, also known as DJ, is one of those goalies who always has your back AND knows how to score a goal when she's out on the pitch. I know because I had the good fortune of playing with her. 

Julie is a champion for kids from soccer to fire fighting to raising funds for programs. When My Yute Soccer campers sign up for goalie clinic, they get to learn from a skillful player with a big heart and an top notch work ethic!

Who is she? 

Julie a San Francisco Firefighter who LOVES the outdoors! She also truly enjoys working with kids, especially when it comes to the amazing game of Soccer!!

What's her position?

In her younger days, she would play striker–any side, but of course, she preferred center. One day her youth coach asked her to jump in the net because there was no one to play Keeper. According to Julie, "Apparently, I was a natural. Yep, GOALKEEPER it is!!"

When did it all begin?

Julie became fascinated with the game as a child when she saw children bouncing a ball off their heads while camping across Europe with her family. She was hooked.

What teams does she play for? 

She says there are too many clubs to remember but here's a brief history.

Walnut Creek Soccer Club 80-89

Las Lomas High School 87-89

San Diego State University 89-94

San Francisco Nighthawks 96-98

Favorite Player?

Toni Schumacher, a goalie for the German National Team. 

Greatest Moment?

It was on the U-18 WC Club Team, State Cup tournament at Cherry Island in Sacramento, playing her team's arch rivals, the Bay Oaks, and her biggest rival Keeper.  Here's Julie, setting the scene–

"It was the first half, windy as all get out...I punted the ball from my 18 it bounced at her 18 and then into the upper V of her goal as she touched but missed the ball....I scored a goal from my goal!!!! Couldn't believe it! My entire team dog-piled me!!"

Joanne da Luz