Second McYates Grant Awardee Goes to Malawi

As a two year participant in the My Yute Soccer Teen Mentor program, we are proud to introduce Miss Jamie Lau. She was awarded the 2017 Kaleb McYates Memorial Grant for her efforts to deliver a MYS mini camp in Malawi in March of 2017. 

Jamie is an accomplished and competitive soccer player and student at International High School in San Francisco. She traveled with a group of 10 students from her high school to a remote village in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Our school, International High School, has had a connection with "Chigoli," the organization in Malawi, for many years, always successfully making an impact in the community. An important part of the project is to provide equipment for the variety of kids there. With the funds provided by the Kaleb McYates Grant, we will purchase soccer equipment that will hopefully make the Malawian kids experiences even more meaningful.

As she mentioned in her application, "MYS is all about embracing our differences through soccer" and we are so proud of Jamie's efforts to be a leader and advocate for teens making a difference.