Sprouts Cooking Club

Sprouts Cooking Club is an organization dedicated to teaching Bay Area children from all socio-economic backgrounds how to cook hands-on, with real chefs, using real ingredients, in real restaurants whenever possible.

In 2012 My Yute Soccer campers had the incredible opportunity to join the Sprouts Cooking Club to prepare a healthy post-soccer meal. 


Revolution Foods

During the 2011 camp, we asked the team from Revolution Foods to come down and talk with the campers.   Together they explored what types of sugar are in different types of food, and more importantly, how much. We also tackled some "popular" foods and asked some tough questions.  Like this one...

"Just how much fat is in an order of large fries?"

Closing Day & Camp Lunch

Throughout the years, My Yute campers are invited to enjoy a special closing day lunch, put on by the founders and special supporters.  After a full workout on the soccer pitch, campers are invited to come through the buffet line and taste fresh fruits and vegetables, and a fun local food theme.  We keep it fresh, healthy, local, and hopefully bring new tastes and experiences to the campers. 

2008 - MYS' inaugural camp featured Bake Sale Betty.  What a surprise when the Bake Sale Betty crew arrived in chef coats carrying boxes of their famous sandwiches and cookies!  

2009 - What camper doesn't like pizza?  And, local pizza from Arizmendi no less!  Although this fresh and healthy pizza doesn't look quite like what the kids are used to, we still heard "mmmm .. this pizza's good!"

2010 - La Gourmande catering made its MYS debut, with Chef Polly Legendre (our MYS Board Secretary) preparing a healthy meal for the entire camp!  

2011 - El Taco Bike of Tamarindo fame, pedaled into camp on the final day with tacos.  La Gourmande catering prepared fresh fruits and vegetable, like a lime, jicama and tomato salad to top it off.  All the kids finished the lunch off with a tasty fruit treat from Jamba Juice. 

2012 - Fist of Flour Pizza,  Whole Foods Oakland, Jamba Juice and La Gourmande catering came out to wow the campers with wood oven fired pizzas, fresh salads, fruits and super refreshing fruit smoothies for dessert.

2013 - DOG! As in a healthy hot dog… special sausages created by Mr. Niemann himself, came hot off the truck this year and were served alongside healthy salads all supported by Whole Foods Oakland.