Diversity means variety, exposure to something new, something unique.  Some of the lessons about acceptance and leadership come in forms that may not be widely known in the campers' immediate community.  By embracing the diverse backgrounds of our coaching staff as well as the young campers and mentors, My Yute Soccer has been able to incorporate special activities that make this a unique and life changing experience. Click here for a Trinidadian style jump up tune from MYS camp 2013!

World Music 

What can you do with a foot bag?

In 2012, foot bag champion P.T. Lovern came to show the campers how to have some fun with a foot bag. It's not the same as soccer, but it shows you can have some fun in smaller spaces and when no one else is there to play.


Tennis anyone?

In 2013 My Yute joined forces with the Nor-Cal Junior Tennis Association to provide on-site tennis fun!  Aligned with the MYS spirit, the Nor-Cal USTA led campers through team building exercises emphasizing tennis skills and training and provided a year-long membership for campers.